Saturday, January 26, 2008


I attended a professional development conference in Charleston earlier this month. I learned that some university development professionals are using Facebook to connect with their alumni and raise funds. The next week US News and World Report says many corporations are doing the same.
So. . .being the entrepreneur that I think I am~ I went to Facebook on Tuesday to check it out. I had to set up an account to view other accounts. The set up asked me if I wanted to invite my AIM friends to view my facebook - I thought for a minute and clicked YES, thinking that the only friends I have in my AIM are you guys here.
WELL~ I forgot that I added ALL of oldest son's friends to my account to monitor who he talks to - obviously, I haven't monitored in awhile. . . . Every single one of his friends were notified and invited to view my Facebook!~! HE WAS MORTIFIED~ What creepy Mom asks teenagers to view her Facebook? So. . my solution was to tell all of them what happened. . . EVEN MORE MORTIFIED~ Now not only am I creepy, I'm stupid!

I learned how to move around and have connected with some alumni - I may not get many gifts or donations for my job, but it sure is fun. Come check me out and join the fun.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Down Another Road

For my regular blog readers, Bless Your Heart, you'll notice that I've changed things. I moved my diet/emotional/crappy stuff to another site. I'm still working it, but not on this blog.
Welcome to other emotional crappy stuff on this site.
Emo: (ē-mō)
1. (n.) Abbreviated from "emotive hardcore", relating to a genre of music coined due to a band's usage of emotional and personal lyrics.
2. (adj.) An individual who is a follower of emo music.
Example: You're so emo.
3. (adj.) A style of dress used by followers of 'emo'. This dress sense includes trucker caps, long fringes for boys, short hair for girls, black clothes and tight trousers.
Example: Those emo trousers are kickin'.
Last week my sweet, precious, can-do-no-wrong 11 year old told me that he was an "Emo."
I was informed that I need to purchase skinny black jeans, let his bangs grow out and since he knew I would not let him get a body piercing, let him have fake ones.
I bought the jeans, let him comb his hair in his eyes - but drew the line with the fake piercings.
My thought - another little 11 year old will tell him he looks ridiculous and it will all be over.
WRONG~ He loves it.
I try to understand, push a little - but not too much - and say - why would you want to do this?
He says: You let "big brother" be "Scene" and that's almost the same.
"Scene?" First I've heard of this.
"Scene" is a culture made mostly of teenagers and is relatable to emo. It is a culture derived to reject the "norm". Scene kids might often be quoted as saying "I hate people that arn't themselves" or "I dress this way because this is who I am!". Ironically, there has become a set mold which scene kids seemingly strive to fit, and they all look/act the same. "Scene" guys often wear: -Tight jeans-tight t shirts, often from elementary school/middle school, or picked up from the local thrift store.-tight blazers and jackets, even during a warm summer.-Long, greesy hair, cut and dyed at home, with bangs that cover 1/2 of a "scene" guy's face at a 45 degree angle. "Scene" girls often wear: -Bright colored makeup-Short, choppy hair, usually thicker on one side, and containing 2+ colors.Scene kids are almost required to own a myspace page. Here, they will network with hundreds of other scene kids, post dozens of pictures of themselves (from different, crazy angles and more often than not, incorporating a bathroom mirror), and write blogs about pointless teenage drama which nobody else truly cares about.
"I'm Scene. I'm a unique individual. And you stole my awesome, Scene, haircut."

Didn't know my sweet, precious, can-do-no-wrong 14 year old was Scene.
I corner my "stick his head in the sand" husband to discuss this. He says, "how it that different than you dressing up for the GoGo's concert in 1982?

The difference: I was a total "Poser"
"A poser is someone who tries to fit into a profile they aren't. People who try to give off the impression that they are one thing when they are really another."
I'm thinking. . . wow, my children have personality, don't they? I turned out OK, didn't I?
Otherwise, I'd freak out.