Sunday, August 17, 2008


Busy robs us of our life. With so many balls to juggle, we end up too busy to live. Too busy to post. Too busy to quilt. Too busy to read. Too busy to exercise. Too busy to phone. Too busy to have dinner with friends. Too busy to go out. Too busy to relax. Too busy to LIVE.

What is life if it is too busy? How do you live in the moment if you're too busy?

I came across this - Busy Blog

Busy - begs the question. . . .Am I inefficient?

I don't think so - I'm indecisive. I have too many choices and I can't decide what I want, what makes me happy - I want it all. I want my children to have it all. I want my marriage to have it all. I want to do the best job possible at everything I do - so, I try to do it all. When in fact, if I decide to do a few things well, I wouldn't be busy, but rather I'd live.