Friday, June 19, 2009

Plug Your Ears

Is it OK to brag about your children? I do not want to become one of those mothers who can't shut up about her "perfect, brilliant, talented, wonderful, handsome children." That kind of stuff wears very thin very fast! and eventually no one will listen or ask me about them.

I think bragging about your children is OK when you preface it with something funny or lite like, "plug your ears if you don't want to hear me brag about the boys," or "indulge me please."

I don't think it is bragging when you tell your close friends and family. Writing a blog about your children is a normal thing, especially you're a parent of teens and they are the only thing that seems to be happening in you life!! However, bragging on a blog should be rare~

Plug your ears and indulge me, please!

You've all read many blogs about my feisty, energetic, and adventurous youngest son - Foster. He always has something going on and it is not usually something to write about~

I am proud to tell you that Foster was the GATORADE PLAYER OF THE WEEK! at the Mike Getman Soccer Camp at the University of Alabama Birmingham for his group. He received the award for his hard work and attitude.

I'm so proud of you Foster! Hard work and a good attitude will get you many things in life.

And I think you could balance that ball on your foot FOREVER if anyone would sit and watch that long. . . .a few minutes was more than I could take. . . .bunches of love, Mom.