Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zoom Zoom

Holy Moly, how did that happen?  It is 2013.  Our life is going by quickly.  It occurred to me over the break that it has been five years since I've sent a Christmas card.  I don't blog much either.  I think social media is to blame.  It has taken the place of the annual update in the card or weekend blog.

Here is a quick cup of miscellany soup of the past few years.

Trey, Top Left

Trey is a second semester sophomore at Auburn University on full academic scholarship.  He is in the honors college and has joined a fraternity.  Yes, you read that correctly - Tom Denney's son is a member of a fraternity.  I said when he was ten, that as rebellion he will become a Republican, Frat Boy and Baptist Minister.  Two out of three so far, and he is sowing those wild oats so that he can be a good minister.  All kidding aside, Trey is doing well and trying to decide what he wants to do.  The hardest part is that he is good at many things.  We've told him to find out what he loves and go from there.  He lived his first year on campus in a hill dorm, this year he is in an apartment off West Glenn that resembles a club med. He has a new Koolie Lab mix puppy that is adorable.  He has a tough life.


Foster is a junior at Auburn High School.  As always, he is his own drummer.  He is a mid-fielder on Auburn High Soccer Varsity Soccer which starts on January 20.  He is also an anchor on Tiger TVs AHS Now  They begin broadcasting January 14. He has a 2006 Infiniti G35 and drives like an old man. That was a huge surprise for us, we always thought he would be full throttle.  His brother did not get a car until the second half of his senior year, but we needed for Foster to have one because Tom and I are both traveling more. Foster spends most of his free time playing pick up football, soccer or online gaming.  His grades are excellent, and he is beginning to figure out where he wants to go to school.  It is difficult for children of Auburn employees, they want to move away, but the employee tuition benefit is usually a deciding factor.  He can go to Auburn for half the cost of anywhere else.  We hate for cost to be a factor, but life is what it is.

 Tom is the one in our family with the biggest news in the last five years.  In 2008-09 the Auburn University MRI Research Center was formed and Tom was named director.  He oversaw the construction of a new building and the installation of a 3T and a 7T MRI machines.  He is not only responsible for the building and staff, but he is also the primary research generator.  The center has collaborative research in many areas on campus and throughout the southeast.  It is an amazing opportunity for him, but it means longer hours and much responsibility.  It is his life-long dream to run a research facility and it is fun to watch him fulfill it.  He loves his work and they are doing incredible things.  Take a tour of the site, you won't be sorry.  I'm proud to say the least.

I celebrate my twelfth  anniversary at Auburn University soon.  I've worked all twelve years in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction raising funds for Rural Studio.  I love my job.  I always feel like I've won the life lottery when it comes to employment.  I'm proud of what I do and the success we've had.  Beginning January, 2013, with the introduction of a new dean of CADC, I will not only be raising funds for Rural Studio, but also the other schools and programs within our college.  I am a member of a newly-formed four person team.  I love and enjoy my team mates, and we have a lofty goal for the next five years. Auburn is in the midst of the silent phase of a large capital campaign.  So, yes, we have our working boots on and I feel good about it.  It helps that our schools and departments are world known and in the top ten nationally.

Tom's Dad and my Mom are in as good a health as most their age.  Tom's dad has Parkinson's and my mom has had back surgery since I last posted.  They both seem to get around just fine.  We still miss our other parents deeply.

We spend many weekends and as many weeks as possible at our lake place on Lake Martin that we bought in 2009.  We love it and will eventually retire there.

I think that catches us up.  Happy New Year and Off We Go!

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