Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Huge Pot of Miscellaney Stew

Check out Try for Friday again - this time on Babulous~
Last Friday they borrowed $4K worth of microphones, set up tons of computer equipment, mixers - etc. and spent almost 48 hrs. in our basement recording two songs - I so wish we had a photograph.

The only song I have is a cover of Muse's Hysteria. I couldn't figure out how to put it in a blog post itself - so I posted it as a page element. I'll leave it up for a week or two.

Our oldest son goes to soccer camp tomorrow at Birmingham Southern College. He is super excited and has been packing for days. Soccer is his life these days.

He spends six days a week either cross country running, strength training, or playing pickup soccer to stay in shape during the off season - which is only June and July! He plays either club or high school soccer ten months a year. This year his club team, Auburn Thunder U-16, is playing in Division I State. He hopes that if for the next three years he goes to college summer camps, plays Division I club league and starts on a 6-A high school team - he'll get a college scholarship - or at least be able to walk on without ridicule. His only set back, according to him - he lives in Alabama -- Not exactly your bastion of FĂștbol. Our club, which now has Alex City and Montgomery players on it because of the Alabama six-man rule - is pretty good and we're hoping to play in tournaments in Georgia and Tennessee where soccer is much better and well respected.

We purchased the Sports package for our cable to watch Euro2008 There is a game everyday. We TIVO or rather DVR with our cable company - every game and watch them in the evening.

Our youngest son has decided he wants to play the alto saxophone! His reason you ask? Because all of his buddies decided to play woodwinds in the middle school band. UGH! This is the child that was fired by not one but TWO piano teachers. He says to us. . .I wanna play the drums - so we bought a very nice Tama set. Lo and behold - his drum instructor FIRES HIM, TOO! Ugh. . .he HATES practice. We're renting a saxophone.

Interestingly enough there is a strong history in my family of alto sax players. My older brother and his daughter were both first chair alto sax players in the Auburn University Marching Band. Danny from 1976-1980, his daughter Alison from 1997-1999. It's fun when they come to alumni band week.

I wish the little one could find something to be passionate about like big brother. He's naturally better at soccer than big brother, just doesn't have the drive to succeed - same with music. He's still only twelve and I'm sure he will find it - my guess is stand up comedy.

We've been looking for a new house -- Just randomly. We're thinking that now may be a good time to buy - we have a list of folks who have asked us to let them know when we want to sell ours. . . .we think now is the time. More than likely we'll make a lateral move - not looking for bigger or better, but less maintenance and one floor. We're having a hard time finding something in town - there are lots of homes for sale in the sub-divisions on the edges of town. We like living in the city.

I'm tired of politics for awhile. Seems like I have "discussions" with my big brother almost everyday. We cancel each other out. He is a wealthy lumber importer who is against any and all environmental issues. He imports lumber and sells it to the mobile home industry and home improvement mega-stores. I call him a rain forest raper. He mostly imports from Brazil, Indonesia and Peru.

I raise money for a program that is trying to build homes to compete with the mobile home industry for USDA 502 loans! For those who don't know the jargon - 502 loans are subsidized home loans up to $57K - usually you can't find a stick-built home for that price, so most govt. 502 loans go for mobile homes~ a stupid investment for our government - not to mention how they are misleading the borrower - they have NOTHING after 30 years with a mobile home - are basically homeless after paying a mortgage for 30 yrs. It's a disgrace. Stick-built (or in our case steel frame-built) homes are sustainable! After 30 yrs. the homeowner has a home to pass to their children.

We are building proto-types in rural and poverty stricken west Alabama - we hope to distribute the plans nationwide with the help of a few corporate investors - in 2009~ Exciting times - for me anyway.

Big brother has other issues with Barak Obama that I don't care to discuss here. Oil and Water - that's what we are in politics - thankfully, we agree on lots of other issues.

Funny thing. . . of all my family members - my little brother - who I have so many other issues with - mostly with in regards to personal responsibility - is the most logically minded family member I have! on my side of the family that is. He listens, reads and makes good political decisions - from my point of view anyway~

That's a lot of stew~ Until next time . . . . be cool.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Celebrating My Daddy

My Daddy was the BEST Papa to Trey and Foster. He loved them very much and was so kind to all children. He was truly engaged with them, made eye contact with them, and loved to play.

He kept Trey while Foster was born at East Alabama Medical Center and couldn't wait to get to the hospital to see little Foster.

He spent EVERY Christmas of their life at OUR house.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Daddy. These "puppets" came with a book - they never read the book - they played their own game. Trey LOVED to visit his Papa.

When we did visit Papa, Papa always read to Trey until he fell asleep - even if I said let's just put him down Daddy or he'll have me doing that every night. . . .to which Daddy would always reply, well, Baby, maybe you should!

I love you Daddy, and miss you very much.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Peace Be With You Tim Russert, and Peace be with Your Family

You loved your Father and you were a wonder father.

When my Daddy died a little more than a year ago, a friend bought me the Wisdom of our Fathers - I LOVE that book.

You are an example of excellent work ethic, of family values in the truest sense and your love of everything political is contagious. You will be greatly missed. This political junky can't imagine a Sunday morning without your visit and setting the political stage for the week.

PEACE be with you always.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Miscellaney Soup

FINALLY, a great big exhale~

Even though I am a long-time Hillary Clinton fan, I gave my full support to Barak Obama months ago. I'm glad she finally gave her full support - and what better place to do it than the National Building Museum, which holds major significance in my life having been there on two extraordinary occasions in 2004. The Rural Studio Lecture and Exhibit and the AIA Gold Medal Award.

Charlie Wilson's War~ Another MUST SEE movie. It is essential pre-iraq wars history to learn, if you don't already know the history. It brings back memories of early '80s business world - that I'm proud to have survived.

And now something toally funny (Thank you Richard Pitts, my new friend I made in Chicago who's been in my circle of friends here at Auburn for a while) I stole it from his facebook. To all my republican friends~ I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid it's gonna be a blood bath.

And the only thing I can say about this. . . . . . . .


I have to explain. . . cause it is our Tubby afterall. . . . he spent his summer vacation with the soldiers in Iraq - and all he got for his trouble was this photograph with Bush~ He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

That's it for Miscellaney Soup this week. Two blogs to come - my amazing week in Chicago in June 2008, and the latest kick-butt Rural Studio Projects. . . .Stay Tuned.