Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lake Cabin Post

K.. . . . Very first, I HAVE to give a great big SHOUT OUT to

John Coley @ Coley Real Estate

John hung in there with us all summer. . .even gave us advice on FSBO's that we found. He is such a laid back, fun kind of guy who knows Lake Martin like the back of his hand because he grew up there. He is only satisfied when everyone involved in the transaction is satisfied. Y'all know me well enough to know. . .I don't endorse folks unless I mean it. . .an I MEAN IT.

Speaking of "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) property on Lake Martin. . . Our Three Friends - AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! who said to us this week. . .

"You should have told us!! We are trying to sell our place!!!" . .. . I have two words for you!:


HELLO!!. . . who, please tell me, who! has the time to ride around all the miles of Lake Martin to find FSBO property. . . NOT US. . . .and I'll not even mention that we know you pretty well. . have seen you several times this summer. . . ..AND didn't KNOW about your property. . . .well, DUH!!

And a very close second . . . I have to mention Melanie Poe our mortgage officer at Aliant Bank . She spent a lot of time with us all summer and was friendly, professional and knew her stuff when it came to lake martin property.

I hope we can stay in touch with these two folks - fun and professional people.

NOW. . .for the SUMMER OF 2009 SAGA. . . .

We've looked at lots of property. . . .put in three failed offers. . . only to spend 30 days negotiating this final one. I know Lake Martin Property pretty well myself these days. . .I know all the "neighborhoods" and am very excited to learn more.

My original outline for this blog was to give it to you play by play all summer. . . .then decided that I'd rather NOT live through it again. . .and that you don't really want to live through it again either.

We ended up with an amazing piece of property. . . we've gone there almost EVERY DAY since we closed . . . it needs lots of TLC and a few major repairs - it's been closed up for two years and only visited a few times in five.

Tom's been there Fri., Sat., Sun. and tomorrow . . . .I'M LOVIN' this. . . he needs time OFF THE GRID. . . Mr. Work 70 hours minimum per week Guy. . . .Or should I say Dr. Work Guy! I love to see him excited about all his new projects and thinking of ideas for us as a family.

Here are a few photographs. . . .as soon as we have it up to speed, I'll post more photos and . . .we'll have all of you over!

Mallard Point, Jackson's Gap, Alabama. . . .Lake Martin Cabin.

Back to the '80s

We can't wait to spend more time relaxing there.

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Lake Martin Voice said...

Wow!! What an endorsement. (blushing). I really enjoyed the process with you both, and am glad we were able to find your perfect spot at Lake Martin. I added your blog post and link to my testimonials: Testimonials

Now if I can only talk to your FSBO friends.. HA!

Thanks again,

John C